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This requirement allows time to approve the application and post signs 48 hours in advance so that people can move vehicles parked at permitted locations. All fees shall be collected by the driver at the time of delivery.  Televising and video tape of sewers may be required before and after blasting. If a vehicle is parked in the space posted for your dumpster, please contact the Cambridge Police Department by following the instructions on your permit. When you're looking for more info on average dumpster rental prices then you may want to have a look at of Way Permit Desk Email 899 Dale Street North Saint Paul, M 55103-1512 Phone: 651-266-6151 Fax: 651-266-9765 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday Obstruction permits are required whenever an object or equipment is placed within the city's right of way streets, side walks, alleys and other rights of way. You need a permit to place a dumpster or debris container on a street or pavement. When utility work is planned that includes aerial placement such as cable, wire or equipment not underground, the proposed work must be reviewed and approved by various city departments prior to obtaining a permit. Link existing Activity Licenses 3.     If you see a possible code violation, report the problem using Philadelphia's 311 system.

HFF was also involved in the prior sale of the property in 2013. Panorama Corporate Center is situated on 42.1 acres at the southwest corner of the Interstate 25/Dry Creek Road interchange adjacent to the Dry Creek light rail station in Centennial, a southeast suburb of Denver. The Class A complex was developed between 1996 and 2008 and is 94.1 percent leased to tenants including United Launch Alliance and Comcast. Tenants have access to an on-site deli with Wi-Fi enabled outdoor seating and a fitness center, which is under construction in Building II. The HFF investment sales team was led by senior managing directors John Jugl and Mary Sullivan. HFFs debt placement team was led by senior managing director Eric Tupler. About Miller Global Properties, LLC Located in Denver, Colorado, Miller Global Properties, LLC sponsors real estate investment funds that are dedicated to office buildings and hotels of the highest quality throughout the United States. The firm creates value for its fund investors through cash flow and appreciation. Since 1996, Miller Global has sponsored seven real estate funds and raised approximately $1.1 billion in equity. Located in Denver, CO, the company generally has approximately $1.5 billion in assets under management.

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Click.ere.or information on Dumpster Licensing . Each news rack permit is valid for one year beginning July 1, of each year. The base fee covers a typical one hole 4ft by 6ft dig. Each applicant is required to register with the Right of Way Permit Desk and will be asked to provide information regarding the obstruction as well as proof of insurance naming the city as additional insured. If a vehicle is parked in the space posted for your dumpster, please contact the Cambridge Police Department by following the instructions on your permit. Dumpsters must be moved to accommodate  street cleaning  and  snow emergencies .