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New Exhibition Sets Sail at Library

Posted: Friday, 2nd September 2011

Windsails ExhibitionA new art exhibition has been unveiled at Gladstone’s Library this week. The exhibition, which is located in the Library’s Chapel, is entitled ‘Windsails’ and has been created by local artist Wendy Rudd.

The exhibition was inspired by the landscape of holy island, Lindisfarne. “While staying on Lindsifarne, I was fascinated by the curves in water and boats, the line of the upturned boat-hulls which serve as sheds, and the intricate webs of crab and lobster creels” says textile artist Wendy.

Wendy began by creating sketches and drawings but soon found that these weren’t enough to convey the movement and shapes that first inspired her. The structures which form the installation have been created using thin canes bound with string to form curves which have then been filled with meshes of paper and stitched to become sails. “By connecting the individual pieces together they have become mobiles which are responsive to even the slightest breath” she explained. “Some clash and tangle as they move around, but as you wait and watch they always sort themselves out.”

Wendy, from Frodsham, Cheshire has been interested in textiles since an early age and her current interests include surface texture and stitching into a variety of materials including layered paper and paper clay. Some of her work has included a study into the patterns and textures of medieval floor tiles and exploring images which are partly hidden. Her hanging from this particular project entitled ‘Hidden Fragments’ was short-listed for the Charles Henry Foyle Prize at Redditch Needle Museum.

Peter Francis, Warden at Gladstone’s Library says that visitors to the exhibition have already interpreted the work in a number of different ways “Some people find that the battered textures of some of the sails speak of pain and suffering, while many comment on the tranquillity of their gentle movements. Some see relationships and family trees held in balance in the presence of God” Peter explained. “It is certainly a thought-provoking exhibition which is just what the Library encourages. The chapel has provided an ideal space for the exhibition, providing superb light and a calming atmosphere to take in the work.”

The exhibition is being held at Gladstone’s Library’s Chapel until Saturday 8th October and is open to visitors Monday to Friday from 10am until 4pm and on a Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 2pm.

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